Khunjerab Pass

The ultimate climax of the trip on the KKH is the Khunjerab Pass, which is at an altitude of 4,733 meters (15,620 feet). It is one of the highest paved road connecting Pakistan Northern area to China western provinces. From Sust, the immigration post on Pakistan's side, you climb gradually till you reach close to the pass, where series of hair-pin turns takes you even higher, and then to the plateau of this remote pass.

If you are going into China you will require a visa/passport. If not, tell the immigration post on Pakistan side at Sust that you are just going to the pass and returning.

The KKH also traverse through the Khunjerab National Park reserve, and further down Susut there is a post that may ask you to pay entrance fee to this. In our car we had a Pak Army officer, so we were able to go for free ;)

Mountain views are awesome. You can observe the scenery changing, on distant mountains yaks grazing, and orange colored marmot running around. At one moment you are below the clouds and its cloudy, then the other on top, and its sunny with blue skies.

Usually Khunjerab is officially opened from 1st May to end of December. Crossing is weather dependent as during winter, the pass is closed due to snow

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